Wednesday, January 1, 2014

The Power of Friendship

My best friend moved away today.  And while I know these things happen and it's all part of life, I feel a tremendous sense of loss and sadness that I didn't expect.

Since I found out she'd be moving, I've spent a lot of time reflecting on all the things that made our relationship so special and unique, and I came to the realization that it was a bond of the heart.  We have shared things and experienced things that I wouldn't wish on anyone... death of family members, parenting teenagers, tragedy, drama, lies, deceit, parenting teenagers (yes, I know I already said that, but seriously, it deserves repeating).  Yet through it all, we stood together.

I have come to realize that I've never had someone hold me up like she has.  I've always been the strong one, the reliable one, the one everyone counts on.  But somewhere along the way, someone, something... God, the Universe, my Angels... knew I was going to need a rock to lean on.  If I had been told in advance that these experiences were coming my way and I was going to need someone else's strength to get me through it, I would have anticipated that person coming in the form of a man.  I know, it's sexist, but that's what I would have "thought" was going to happen.  But instead what I was blessed enough to experience was the power of love only another strong woman who's been to hell and back could have provided me. She was the perfect person to have in my life.  And as always, it was all meant to be.

So tonight I wrote her a poem in the style of my favorite poet, Linda Ellis.  I hope when she reads it she'll know that the gratitude I feel for her being part of my life will never be able to be expressed in words.  This is just my attempt to let our hearts connect one more time.

The Power of Friendship
I once had a woman come to my door
inquiring about what I do.
She referred to the tribute the night before
where we honored our tiny youth.

She noted that the girls were different
when they spoke about commitment and desire,
but she said what she noticed most of all
was the passion and the fire.

For that passion was so different
and their attitudes so unique,
she wanted to learn how to feel in her heart…
she wanted a little peek.

So we started with the Virtues
and we opened up her heart.
And before she knew what hit her,
the emotions began to start.

I watched in awe each time we met
as her heart began to swell,
and then one day she knew it was time
to let go of the past, the hell.

Together we experienced her new beginning
when she let the past release,
but it wouldn't be the last time
we held together to find some peace.

We stood steadfast through it all…
the drama, the deceit, the lies.
She never let me stand alone,
she was always by my side.

She always treated me with respect
and would always wear a smile.
It’s like she knew our living close by
would only last a little while.

So today when she left and moved away
I thought about her more,
knowing that I’ll always love her
with a bond like never before.

I am very blessed and grateful
and I know our friendship is real,
but above it all I’m proudest
that I taught her how to feel.